computertomographiesystem diondo d1computertomographiesystem diondoMICROFOCUS COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SYSTEM

With the d1, diondo is now launching a new, compact CT system, which leaves nothing to be desired with regard to accuracy, speed, ease of use and flexibility.

The new computed tomography system d1 not only optimally meets the stringent requirements of metrology, but also the high demands of non-destructive material testing with great precision. 

diondo consciously focuses on premium component parts. Instead of the metal manipulator commonly used in this market sector, the system rests on a solid granite base. Its inherent stiffness and temperature stability guarantee perfect results even after many years of intensive use. Furthermore, the axes are equipped with glass scales, a feature that is otherwise only provided in CT systems at higher price brackets. The concept works: the highest accuracy according to the VDI / VDE guideline 2630 is consistently achieved.

Another highlight of the diondo d1 is the high-contrast 3K detector. The combination of a narrow pixel grid and a particularly large active area offers the user several advantages: on the one hand, it allows an extremely high resolution when examining small objects; on the other hand, it offers the imaging of large test pieces „in one shot,“ without having to capture them in multiple partial scans, which is time-consuming.

Das neue Computertomographiesystem diondo d1 The diameter of the test object as large as possible may be up to 300 mm, with a maximum height of 500 mm. The unit is approved for sample weight up to 20 kg. Thus, the diondo d1 is ideally suited both for non-destructive testing on metal and composite components as well as for high precision metrology on plastic.


  • Granite-based manipulation system

  • 3D analysis according VDI / VDE 2630 guideline

  • Long-term stability

  • Helix-CT: highest detail recognition by avoiding Feldkamp-artefacts


 FIT AG, CT-Scan eines für die additive Serienfertigung optimierten Zylinderkopfes


 FIT AG, CT scan of a cylinder head optimized for additive serial production