Besides CT-Inspection, our systems also allow fast digital radioscopy (DR)-Inspection.

This examination method allows a pass/fail statement on your insepction part every second and is a cost-effective examination method especially for big quantities.

However, in preparation of the tests you should check, whether:

  • the sample and
  • the error indication allow a radioscopy (DR) testing.

For large batches it is possible to rent one of our systems (incl. qualified operator).


Installation and Joining Control

Why is the gear functioning only sluggishly? Why did the clock stop?

For complex component assemblies the dimensional tolerances and the installation are decisive for the function. A glance inside answers many questions quite fast. Especially when the component assembly can be observed while it is functioning.



Abrasion Control

How is the condition of the wear part after one quarter, half or after a complete lifecycle and how secure is the system at this point? CT allows you to measure the abrasion of the wear parts in the inside without disassembly and to compare it with the forecasts.

Analysis of internal Motion Sequences

Why is the gear functioning only sluggishly? Why do two identically constructed pneumatic cylinders have different attenuations? A look into the inside answers many questions rather quickly. Especially when observing the component assembly live in function!