The diondo GmbH was founded in 2013. The staff were previously employed at leading companies in the X-ray and CT industry for many years. We point out that the diondo GmbH is neither legal successor nor a spin-off company of the mentioned below.


Foundation of HAPEG Hattinger Prüf- und Entwicklungs- GmbH by Martin Münker with the aim of establishing a supra-regional service center for industrial computed tomography.


The majority of the team (now diondo) works under the umbrella of Hamburg`s  YXLON International GmbH. Focus of the development are customized CT-systems, mainly in the area of high energies.


As general manager of HAPEG Mr. Martin Münker takes Europe`s first XXL CT-System equipped with an industrial linear accelerator into operation.


The development focuses increasingly on a standardization of the CT-systems.


The team expands its competences by the expertise of constructing industrial CT-systems. HAPEG starts the Europe-wide sale of its own high-resolution industrial computer tomographs.


After the separation from YXLON, Martin Münker establishes diondo GmbH. Shortly afterwards seventeen of the twenty employees of the CT-team in Hattingen follow and join the newly founded company. Common aim is the development and realization of high-quality customized CT-systems for the international market, combined with qualified and customer-oriented service. The service range with own CT- and DR-systems is being expanded.