diondo d4

Compact Computed Tomography System for Medium-Sized and Large Components with Higher Densities

The powerful computed tomography system diondo d4 has been optimized for high-resolution 3D measurements of medium-sized to large components such as cylinder heads or crankcases, but also for analyses of high-density test objects such as turbine blades. The small space requirement of the computed tomography system makes it easy to integrate into an existing production or laboratory environment. Due to its plug&play the system is ready for operation shortly after the installation.


  • High-Performance Tubes up to 600 kV

    for sufficient power reserves even for highly absorbent test objects

  • Compact Design
    due to the integration of the entire periphery
  • Robust 3K Detector
    for higher detail detectability at short measurement times

Efficient Throughput

Thanks to the combination of a high-resolution line detector and a large flat panel detector, the diondo d4 satisfies the highest demands concerning image quality as well as part throughput. Users benefit of innovative software functions such as diScatter, a filter technology to automatically reduce disturbing scattered radiation.



Nothing remains hidden for these test methods

The CT System diondo d4 is ideally suited for measuring and testing of medium-sized to large components with high density such as:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Engine housings and gearboxes
  • Steel and cast iron
  • Aluminum and steel components
  • Electric motors
  • Pistons

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X-Ray Source

450 / 600 [kV]


Flat Panel Detector

3.000 x 3.000 px, 139 [µm]

Line Detector

3.070 px, 200 [µm]

Scan Volume, maximum

Ø 530 x 820 H [mm]

Ø 670 x 800 H [mm]


1350 [mm]

Sample Weight

70 [kg]

System Dimensions

L 2.500 x B 2.500 x H 2.800 [mm]

System Weight

15 / 20 [t]

diControl Features

DR-Function, di Scatter, Scan Enhancement, Multiline CT, Daily Check, Health Monitor, Helix CT, Batch Mode, Offset CT, Limited Angle CT


granite based, 4 / 5 axes,

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