Industrial CT Inspection Services

Our range from Micro to Linac CT

CT Inspection Service

Non-destructive examination of all details
by means of 2D radioscopy & 3D computed tomography

In addition to the development and construction of industrial computed tomography and x-ray systems diondo also offers a wide range of non-destructive testing services (CT Services). Our many years of experience make diondo your strong partner for the implementation of your quality objectives. Since only one CT System alone cannot analyze and measure the entire range of different test parts effectively, our machine park also includes the whole range of services from Micro-CT to Linac CT. This allows us to always ensure the best possible price-performance ratio.

CT Systems

Our range from Micro to Linac CT

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3D Micro-CT examinations with extremely high precision by a 240 kV Micro Focus X-ray source, 3K area detector and granite manipulator for electronics, light metals and plastics. You can analyze test objects of up to 800 mm in diameter and a height of 2000 mm.

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High-energy CT

Flexible combination of a 450 kV X-ray source with a 3K area detector and a 4K Line detector to effectively test dense materials or larger components of up to 5000 mm of height and 1000 mm in diameter.

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Linac CT

The 6 MeV linear accelerator CT system. Due to the high dose rate the Linac CT is perfectly suited for analyzing test parts with very high density.

CT Applications

Extract from our test services

Material Analyses

Defect Analysis

for a non-destructive search for defects 

like voids, pores and inclusions

Fiber Composites

for detecting fiber orientations

and other relevant parameters

Distribution of Materials

Determines cell structures in porous media

and cell structures of grains in powders

Cell Structures

to determine the structures in foams

and filters

Geometry Analyses

Wall Thicknesses

for the localization of insufficient or excessive wall thickness or gap width

Coordinate Measuring

for measurements on even the most difficult-to-access surfaces of a component

Manufacturing Geometry Correction

for the correction of injection molding or casting tools and 3D printing geometries.


for the additional import of product & manufacturing information (PMI)

Nominal/Actual Comparison

for a comparison of machined components with CAD data, polygon meshes or other voxel data.


Structural Mechanics

to simulate mechanical stress directly on the CT data.

Transport Phenomena

for the simulation of fluid, electrical or thermal flow and diffusion, e.g., on porous or composite materials.

Volume Meshing

for the conversion of CT data into meshes for further use in simulations

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