Code of Integrity

Code of Conduct / Corporate Philosophy

At diondo GmbH, integrity and ethical behavior are at the center of our dealings with one another and with outsiders: the success of our company is based on the trust that we earn from our customers, suppliers and employees - day after day.

Corporate Philosophy

As a leading manufacturer of industrial computed tomography systems and service provider in X-ray-based non-destructive testing, we are therefore committed to professional behavior towards our customers, suppliers and employees. It is very important to us that all our work is based on the principles of fairness and honesty.

We share an open culture in our company, freely exchange ideas and information with one another and raise concerns without employees having to fear sanctions.

In this way, we act in the interests of our customers and offer our employees opportunities that are ultimately the basis for the economic success of our company and our business partners.

In all business processes, we are responsible for (global) society and the environment and only allow processes that comply with the following ethical principles:

  • Respect for human rights
  • Principle of non-discrimination
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Respect for workers’ rights
  • Adequate working conditions & remuneration
  • Avoidance of corruption / Fair competition
  • Environmentally conscious behavior

Code of Integrity for Business Partners

Code of Conduct / Corporate Philosophy

Dear suppliers and business partners,
as businesspeople and an employer, we have a responsibility for our fellow humans, society and the environment. We have summarized what we view as the key principles for ethics and integrity in a code of conduct and commit ourselves to adhering to these rules.


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