The high-resolution microfocus computed tomography systems diondo d2 has been developed for detailed analysis of small and medium-sized inspection objects.

Due to customer requirements the Micro-CT system can be equipped with a transmission and / or reflection tube.

By choosing the optimal tube parameters (max. voltage, target-power and resolution) for the transmission and reflection target, diondo ensures the ideal combination of final resolution and material penetration.

d2 2Beside the x-ray source customer of a diondo d2 system can choose of a broad range of digital detectors (2K, 3K, 4K). In this way the final set-up complies to 100% with the requirements of the specific application.


  • Granite-based manipulation system with an accuracy of +/- 1 μm
  • 3D Analysis according VDI 2630
  • Long-term stability by cooling of tube head and turbo pump
  • Microfocus tubes up to 300 kV continuous output rating
  • Helix-CT: highest detail recognition by avoiding Feldkamp-Artefacts
x-ray source
open microfocus x-ray tubes
target type
transmission target, reflection target, exchangeable head
energy range
160 kV / 190 kV / 225 kV / 240 kV / 300 kV
JIMA resolution
0.5 μm
target power
50 watt (transmission) 300 watt (reflection)
detector type
flatpanel detector, various types 100 μm / 139 μm / 200 μm