The computed tomography system diondo d7 has been developed for the analysis of inspection objects that are difficult to penetrate or particularly bulky.

Engine blocks, valves, truck tires and turbine blades can be penetrated with the powerful CT system. The main focus is the material analysis e.g. detection of porosities and inclusions, as well as the verification of shape and wall thickness of the test object.

d7The high-energy CT system diondo d7 can be supplied with linear accelerators in various performance classes and is adapted to the requirements of the customer.


diondo d7 is also available as 0.95 MeV Linac - Compact Edition. The system offers an extra small footprint and is designed for customers that are limited to the restrictions of the Röntgenverordnung and in the total footprint.

The system is suitable for inspection parts up to 500 mm diameter and 1.000 mm height (e.g. crank case).

scan volume
acc. customer requirements
x-ray source type 1
up to 9 MeV Linear accelerator
x-ray source type 2
up to 600 kV high-power
detector type 1
Line detector 200 / 400 μm pitch configurable Length
detector type 2
flatpanel detector various types 139 / 200 μm pitch
radiation protection
cabinet {lead/steel} radiation protection room {concrete}